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Episode 6

November 10, 2010

(Photo Credit: Joshua Gunter/The Plain Dealer)

How’s it feel to have a relevant football team again Cleveland?  Feels pretty good around these parts.  Hillis, Colt, Mangini, Rob Ryan and the rest of the Browns crew put the beat down on the New England Patriots, as it appears a legitimate NFL team has finally returned to the shores of Lake Erie.

So how many games is this team capable of winning?

Plus, the Cavs had a nice bounce back weekend and are improbably sitting in 1st place in the division very early in this new season.  But would they be better off blowing the whole thing up and playing for the draft lottery?

Show contributor Ryan stops by to help answer these listener questions in the first edition of “Ask the Exiled Clevelander.”

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  1. November 11, 2010 8:13 am

    Browns going 8 and 8, boy you guys are fans ! I think to win in professional basketball today it takes, intelligence, money and luck not necessarily in that order. Intelligence-a team needs to have an inside out game. A big man to rebound, score and block up the middle on defence and a guard that can start the offense, penetrate, and score. It will take a good draft and free agency to build this type of team.

    As an Indians fan and seeing that Cliff Lee is being courted by the NY Yankees already how do you see the tribe ever competing again with the ownership we currently have in place.

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