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Episode 8

December 20, 2010

Photo credit: John Kuntz / The Plain Dealer

Following another disappointing loss by the Cleveland Browns to a 2 win team, the coaching situation regrettably goes right back into the spotlight.  As much as I’d love to mount a defense of Eric Mangini, getting physically pounded by a reeling Bengals team just doesn’t put me in the mood to make the pro-Mangini case.  While this team looked like it could go 8-8 (or 9-7 with some luck) not too long ago, now they might be lucky to get to 6-10.

The Cavs finally break their 10 game losing streak, but the team is still in disarray.  Brendan Bowers, founder of the Cavaliers blog Stepien Rules and a contributor to Waiting For Next Year tries to diagnose what has happened to this group and whether the season can be saved.  Where does this organization possibly go from here, and how long would a rebuilding project take?

Finally, why Cliff Lee taking less money to return to the Philadelphia Phillies, the team the Tribe shipped him off to a season ago, is just another reminder of “Why Cleveland is Cursed.”

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  1. December 20, 2010 11:37 am

    I agree with the most of what was said by you and your guest. If you take a realistic at the Cavs there are no legitimate starts. At best we have a team of six men. The three people you guys discussed would only be a sizth man on any respectable team. WE START THEM. The only good thing about the CAVS is the owner, who is not a loser!

    The Browns have quite on the coach and I think either Josh Cribbs is still hurting because he showed no speed or the ability to make cuts or he is getting fat on the new contract. Mangini needs to go and other choices would be better….the ofense play calling was the worse on Sunday too.

    Curse you guys are too young to be calling it a curse. Maybe a bad dream that you can not wake up from.

    Happy Holidays


  1. A couple podcasts, as Cavs prep for Jazz…then lose to Jazz 101-90 | Stepien Rules

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